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Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 19th, 2009

I was recently offended by Spikes 1000 Ways to Die where they had, you guessed it, furries.

Basically the episode was about a man tripping on shrooms coming across a "fur-pile" (Furry Orgy) and when none of the furs would get with him, he found a nice bear, which turned out to be real and killed him. The announcer said about furries, and I quote: "A bunch of freaks who dress up in animal costumes and "have fun" then they had a "real furry" dressed as whinnie the poo holding a ukele. This was bullshit, thats when I realized why people hate furries, they believe anything douchebags on the internet or the magic picture box tells them.

Furries are NOT a bunch of dumbasses in animal costumes having sex, sure it happens, but it happens in every fandom, fetish, and society. Most furries dont even wear fursuits, some even hate fursuiters. To be furry is to be a fan of anthro characters (animal with human characteristics.) or to be a anthro (Videogame/cartoon characters would usually fall under that category) Ignorance leads to hate, war, and destruction. Ignorance started the crusades, Ignorance enslaved black men and women, ignorance pisses me fucking off.

If you want to hate something, do your fucking research first, and dont just check a couple sources, compare both Pro and Con sources (check a anti furry website and then check a furry website then compare what you've learned, you will find most hate comes form total bullshit that isnt even true.)

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 15th, 2009

Its a piece of shit, cant draw anything, about as accurate as my mouse. Im going to refund it and just wait until i get a new pc before i get a new one(The good ones dont work with my OS), so im just going to buy Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for psp

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 13th, 2009

has been ordered and is on its way.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 8th, 2009

Two part time comics, CSC (Crossed Swords Comics) and KKC (KrautKiller Chronicles) are now being made and uploaded, they are made traditionally (Finished in Paint.NET) and I really hope that doesnt have to last long (Scanning is a bitch sometimes, and not having certain tools like precise erasing and Zooming makes for some nuisances. Anyone who does beautiful traditional on regular home office printer paper, respect)

Anyway the first KKC has a great joke, but was a tad bit rushed as far as art goes (even with the simplistic style) And i REALLY need to practice guns for a while. Link: http://crossed-swords.deviantart.com/a rt/KKC-Page-1-128706531

I didn't really want to have to but DA gets to host it until i can get my point acrossed to the freewebs admins about some full view. Im not uploading elsewhere as I know DA allows users to spam hundreds of comic pages and its half decent host.

Of course the first CSC, what a cramp all those zombies gave me. A tad lacking on humor, but I really wanted tog et off the first one to introduce Zaayl and Kraut. Link: http://crossed-swords.deviantart.com/a rt/CSC-Page-1-128691029

Anyway I had some nice TF2 fan art done, but im going to re-do a few pieces (the finished pieces) in my new set of markers, because colored pencils isnt TF2 Smooth, should give me SOMETHING to do today, as my well of ideas is dry.

So I bet some are wondering "If this is a web comic, when do you update it?" the answer...when I feel like it. It isn't right to make obligations you cant uphold, so I do it when I do it. I do wish webcomics would hold their business standards up to professional comics (Those sunday comics in the paper, they are the original webcomic, and they never miss updates)

So anyone planning to do a SERIOUS webcomic (note, mine isnt serious, its part time) dont upload until you have a few weeks/months in advanced, then you can miss making more updates for things like cons.

If you liked them, please visit me: www.crossedswords.yuku.com and the newly promoted mods (my first mods, yay!)

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 7th, 2009

Whats the number 1 thing I hate about newgrounds? The sheer amount of HOMOPHOBES. Even worse is they do/say/submit things that one could consider gay (Cock jokes for example) and yet if someone on newgrounds actually was gay, they would be bashed straight to hell. Its no secret that im a furry, and people like me also get bashed wrongly by people who dont know the facts. But in the case of homophobia, it all comes down to, why?

Religion? Well wasn't is Jesus who said the most important thing in the bible was, "love thy neighbor"?

Difference? There will always be those who are different, if you hate gays you may as well go out and beat up blacks, Asians, cripples, people with a different hair color.

Being uncomfortable around gay things (like two guys kissing) is ok, many things make people uncomfortable, there are polite ways to go about it. If they are your friends cant you tell them it makes you uncomfortable? We need to grow as a people and learn to tolerate others, if you bash gays you are in no way better than religious extremists who torture and kill those who dont follow their ways who we are at war with.

Just like many things, I see progress, but when I look deeper, nothing has changed.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 6th, 2009

Not overly proud with it, but it was decent, still working with posing. Cant wait for a tablet, maybe im better at digital.

anyway, the descriptions speak for themselves, I work in a portable art studio (a modified trapper planner and a wood board with tape where the paper corners go) using grocery store art supplies.

So check out the art, and maybe my forum? Please? Just a little? -_- you all suck...


newgrounds uploading system is nice, but as for a art hoster...its not great.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 3rd, 2009

The Crossed Swords Forums is looking for more roleplayers to join in on the fun!

Here are some real examples of roleplays written by Zaayl (yours truly, it is also my most common roleplaying name, depending on setting.) on the board, to give you a idea of what is already open (you can also have your own roleplay made!):

Medieval fantasy:
(From, Unharis)

Zaayl laid down for the night, but he didn't rest long before many foot steps were heard approaching the door, suddenly it flew open, revealing the earlier bar patron, and four other men, each carrying a curved scimitar or falchion. The leading man swung down at Zaayl, hoping to cleave the wolf in half as he slept. He was met by a magical shield which caused his weapon to glance off and strike the headboard, Zaayl sprung up, throwing a ball of fire into a second mans face, sending him to the ground in pain. A third man raised his weapon and prepared to charge. Zaayl grabbed a small pouch from his belt and threw it, inside were many fragments of animals teeth, using his skills in necromancy Zaayl cast the teeth into the man, shredding his flesh. The other two men fled and the first drunkard came back at Zaayl for another swing, the man was still drunk from earlier and cutting him down was as simple as merely drawing his blade.

Zaayl walked out to the tavern floor and flipped the barkeep a gold coin. He began walking out of town and into the forest.

Post Nuclear Apocalypse:
(From The End of The World, the most popular board)

Zaayl approached the ruins, first encountering a crater, filled with tiny pieces of shrapnel from the ballistic missile and large chunks of buildings. "Hello!?" He called out, approaching the intact buildings. For a split second he thought he saw movement from one of the buildings, without hesitation he approached the building. It was a tall grey structure with many windows, wear and damage covered a great deal of the building. Upon entering Zaayl saw many odd stains and damage to the walls and floors, identifying this building as a slum even before the bombs dropped. Cautiously he started up the stairs, each step he listened for cracks or groans that would signify that he is about to go through the floor beneath his feet. Halfway up the stairs he came across a couple of skeletons, more than likely killed by the radiation. Soon as his confidence in the floor beneath him increased, so did his pace. When he reached the top, he discovered the movement was exactly what he feared it was, nothing, just a tattered drape caught on a nail swaying to and fro past the window.
Disappointed he sat down, but soon heard rustling and movement outside the building, looking out the window he saw figures, alot of them, all moving towards the building. Pulling out a rifle scope he took from the labs, which unfortunately doesn't fit his gun, he looked down, regretting his earlier call. All of them were mutated by the radiation, growing extra limbs, larger than average limbs, or a complete growth in their size. But even more disturbing, on their belts and sashes, were severed human and anthro heads. Knowing he was in deep trouble, Zaayl reached back for his rifle and started firing down on the approaching horde. Suddenly he heard a sound he recalled far too often from his childhood, a helicopter. A missile came down from it, obliterating at least six fo the mutants, followed by heavy machine gun fire, finishing off the horde of at least twenty. The helicopter's passenger eyed Zaayl, soon the chopper moved above the building he was in and fired down on the roof with a rocket, blowing a large hole. The shrapnel barely missed killing Zaayl. On a rope ladder the passenger descended, pointing a assault rifle at Zaayl, who was on his back from the explosion. The man was dressed in what could presumably be called "average" wasteland attire, what was truly unique about his outfit was a patch on his coat, one that read "Black Seed" The mercenary eyed Zaayl and gave a somewhat evil smile. "Well, looks like we got a new recruit, unless you got an objection."
Zaayl knew it was to go with the man or die, so he quietly said "No, no objections."

(From 1698)

Johnathon "Flint" Williams sat on the deck, shooting empty rum bottles. The entire crew was bored, they had been staking out a small area of ocean waiting for a Spanish treasure galleon. Captain Huller T. Lenil stepped out on deck and eyed Johnathon. "Anything spotted yet Flint?" He said
"Nay, but I could go up to the crows nest and check." Flint told the captain
"Well then, what are ye waiting for?"
Flint climbed the rope ladder to the crows nest. Grabbing the flintlock musket he left up there earlier he began surveying the water. The suns brutal heat made his vision blur, but he was still able to spot the red Spanish flags. "Spanish Flags! Dead ahead!" He yelled.
The captain nearly jumped with joy, he quickly ordered gunners to their position, crew to begin sailing and for the Spanish flag to be raised, as there ship had once been a treasure galleon. Full speed ahead they neared the group of two ships, just as Huller expected, the two ships divided to go around his, allowing him to broadside and capture both. Suddenly the red flags flew off the two ships and into the wind, and British flags raised, the cannon ports on both ships opened, revealing the firepower about to pound down the ship. "Navy!" The captain yelled, just as the ships began firing, they destroyed most of the cannons before they could be used and now the pirate vessel was defenseless. The crew ran up, throwing grappling hooks and beginning to board the first of the two ships. The captain looked up to Flint who was firing away at the naval soldiers. "Get off mate! and destroy the boarding lines!" Johnathon knew the plan, he lloekd to see the second ship begin boarding the one he now sat atop, quickly he used his rifle and three of his four pistols he has on him, to shoot out the boarding lines left by the crew, and jumped into the water. He swam under the first boat and began climbing up. Looking over the edge Johnathon saw the crew deep in battle with the navy and on the opposite end of the boat, the captain and first mate Henry firing pistols down at any soldier brave enough to advance. Suddenly the first mate tapped the captains shoudler, when he turned he received a gift of both shot and powder. Unable to react Flint jumped aboard sword in hand and enganged the soldiers, allowing the remaining gun crew access to the navies cannons. After a short time the familiar booms of the cannons rang out, destroying the crews former ship, the last of the naval soldiers was pitched over and once out to safer seas, the crew paid respects to the body of the captain, while Henry declared himself captain. Flint knew he couldn't take down Henry without the crew fighting back, and decided to keep his mouth shut until the time was right.

There is also a zombie roleplay that has yet to be posted in.

So please check us out!

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 25th, 2009

Im very pleased with it: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

If you havent seen, check this out: http://forums.leasticoulddo.com/index.

and be sure to visit my forums www.crossedswords.yuku.com

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 24th, 2009

Anyone on the internet should read this...it makes me sad at the truth in it...


Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 23rd, 2009

My only public story, Zombified, a story of different survivors, during a apocalyptic breakout of zombies. Much still to be learned of this threat, and much more to come.

I decided today to post all the parts here on newgrounds, because i be awesome. If you like them, please come down to: www.crossedswords.yuku.com and check us out, we discuss everything from video games to politics, and have a roleplay board with plenty to do! You can upload art and post stories so i recommend checking it out, so together we can build a strong community!

The stories are all uploaded to: www.crossed-swords.webs.com

I type pretty fast and dont really want to buy microsoft word (I actually got ambushed by a bunch of nerds complaining about how worthless MS Wordpad is, despite the fact that if its free, and it types, it works.) so I dont have a on board spell checker, and am not going through this whole thing searching for a needle in a haystack, ill do what i can in firefox. so if you find a typo, go ahead and point it out (without being a douche) and ill fix it, thanks ;D

you can also follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/crossedswords

Newgrounds kinda messes with my line breaks and paragraph indents, but mind you I do type these out in the correct format!

Zombified #1
Phil, Burt and Steve sat around the campfire drinking beer. "Another God damned day of nothing!" Phil said, Phil was a large man He had brown hair and a long beard. Burt sat up, he was the biggest of the three and oldest, his hair and chin stubble were gray, but his age didn't stop him from being just as tough as his two companions.
"I think your smell scared them away Phil." He said. Steve laughed, he was smallest and youngest of the three, He was clean shaven a nicely groomed, because of this Phil and Burt would poke fun at him, This whole trip was his idea, hoping to prove to his friends he was as tough as they were, and tomorrow was his twenty fifth birthday.
"What are you laughing at Steve? if anything they got scared by your perfume." All three of them laughed, while some of their jokes seemed mean, Steve knew they meant well. These three were probably some of the best friends in their town, they all met at the Mechanic Shop they worked in. It was unlikely for someone in that small town to walk into a bar and see one of these guys but not the others.
Partway through the night they heard a loud groaning sound. "What kind of animal is that?" Steve asked.
Burt stood up "Thats no animal, look" Burt pointed at the Human silhouette drawing near.
"Look at that limp, he must be hurt.". Phil got up and walked a bit closer.
"Hey, are you okay?" he yelled, the man grew closer they could see him in the moonlight, he was covered in blood and wounds. "He wont answer, look at his neck, he probably cant talk." Phil rushed over to help the man. "Its going to be okay sir, well take you to tow- aaaaaaargh!!!" he screamed as the deranged man bit his arm. Phil punched the assailant in the temple and threw him down. "The bastard bit me!" Phil yelled.
"Quit your crying and get over here." Yelled Burt. Phil started to walk over when the injured man got back up, Phil pulled out the custom Revolver he spent almost three months salary on.
"Stay back you psycho bastard." The man creeped forward ignoring Phils warning. "Ill shoot you, you got three seconds to stop! one..two.." The man didn't stop. "three!" Phil shot him in the leg, it didn't even slow him, he shot the guy a second time in the gut. "What the fuck!" he shot the guy a third time in the chest, and finally shot him in the head, sending the man down just feet from Phil.
"You killed him!" Steve yelled, Burt threw Phil the first aid kit, and inspected the body.
"You all saw, he didn't stop i had to do something, it was purely self defense." Phil said as he began bandaging the wound on his arm.
"We know, but still, you just killed a man."
"That's the least of our worries, check this out." Burt said. The two walked over to the body. "This guys throat is gone, completely gone, he should have been long dead before you shot him."
"Dude, that's fucked up, This must be the guy that the Sheriff said bit him out here." Phil said. There came more moans similar to what the man they had just shot. They looked around to see that various people were walking into the camp. almost all of them had visible wounds that should be lethal.
"Are these what i think they are?" Steve asked.
"Your guess is as good as mine." Burt said.
"Zombies." all three of them said in unison. "Grab your guns boys, and aim for the head." The three of them scrambled for there rifles and backpacks which had all their ammo, and some supplies.
"There too close for these rifles, use pistols, Steve take the shotgun." The three began to blast their way out, they were completely surrounded, however they were able to mike a sizable hole in the undead horde to escape.
"Slow Bastards!" Phil laughed.
"Stan's still at the rangers lodge with the truck right?" Steve asked. The group stopped
"uuuh, we lent him the truck for the week, since we were gonna spend our vacation here we said he could go to Vegas." Phil said.
"What! i have to get home to my family!" Steve yelled.
"Hey now, i got one to get back to too, the sheriff was investing disappearances, maybe hes still down there, he could give us a ride!" Phil said. The three ran back to the nearby lodge. Upon reaching it they saw the sheriff limply leaning against the wall, covered in bite marks holding a revolver loosely in his hand.
"Sheriff Carl? you okay?" Burt asked. The sheriff pointed his pistol at the three.
"oh its you guys, no im not okay, i need a doctor." He said.
"Okay, we'll drive you into town. give us your keys." Steve said holding out his hand.
"Fraid not, i shot up the cruiser pretty badly trying to kill him" The sheriff gestured to a zombie lying against the door. "Arm hurt to much to aim properly, his the gas tank and engine, even if you fix it its empty by now" The sheriff began to make gargling sounds and shaking heavily, and then nothing.
Phil put his fingers against the sheriffs neck. "Hes dead" Phil said, but then the sheriff sprang up and bit Phil on the forearm. Burt put his pistol against the sheriff's temple and fired. "he..he..turned into...one of them." Phil said, stammering.
"Probably transmitted the disease through saliva, when they bite you." Burt said,
Phil's eyes widened, "when they bite me!? I'm going to become one of those things!" Phil yelled.
"shhh, not so god damned loud. we don't know for sure yet, for all we know its in the air and were all going to die. Until we know for sure, lets not get too hasty." Burt said. Phil pulled out his custom revolver and handed it to Steve.
"If i turn into one of those...things...i want you to shoot me in the head, give me back the gun if at this time tomorrow I'm still alive. Now hand me the shotgun." Phil said. Steve nodded.
"We should take the guns and ammo in the cruiser, then we should start walking." Steve said.

To be Continued.

Zombified #2
"Okay, Go! Go! Go!" Ryan yelled, sending the rest of his team down zip cords into the casino. "Remember to aim for the head!" As soon as they touched the ground they began to open fire on the advancing undead.
"Frag out!" Ramone yelled throwing a grenade towards the stairs, where a large horde had moved its way up. The grenade exploded turning the zombies into some sort of sticky substance.
"This rooms clear, check closets, security rooms, bathroom stalls or any other rooms you find for survivors" Ryan said. "Regroup here, now move out." The sqaud spread out, searching every possible hiding place, eliminating any zombie's they find.
"This building is clear, sir." Heather said.
"Okay, set up the radio, barricade the exits, and throw the ladder out the window." Everyone moved out to secure, and barricade the doors. Ramone grabbed a rope ladder they had brought with them and threw it out the second floor window, so only humans could enter. Ryan set up a solar powered two way radio for any survivor to use. "Lets get to the roof for extraction." The team climbed up to the roof. The team stood in the sunlight as a helicopter came down to pick them up.
Ramone was the first on, he was known as the italian, because of his thick accent. He was the demolition expert of the team, and shotgunner, He wore the same uniform as all the other squad members, while it looked like a regular grey S.W.A.T. uniform, it actually had a special chainmail mesh to prevent bites from piercing the skin. His chin was clean shaven and if it werent for the bits of hair sticking out from under his beanie, and his eyebrows, you wouldnt know his haird was black.
Marcus was the next into the helicopter, aside from being a infamous practical joker at the base he was a sniper expert, and scout. He had a bit of stubble on his chin, and had no hair to speak of.
Heather was third on board, she was the stealthiest of the group and expert at various forms of hand to hand combat, knife combat, silenced SMG use, and silenced pistols. She was very cocky and the entire squad knew to stay far away whenever she was pissed off. Since the outbreak she has cut her red hair, so as not to give the clawing zombies a grip on her.
Last aboard the Helicopter was the team leader, Ryan. He was skilled with a wide variety of weapons and combat, but preffered using the M4A1. He was very calm and level headed. He gave his Commander a huge headache with how often he would improvise with some crazy plan that usually barely works. But since the outbreaks he and his squad had been the only ones out there. He had short brown hair, and was clean shaven.
"You guys did great!" Their pilot, Harold, said. "We got one more job for you guys, were coming up on a office building, clear it and we'll return to base for the last time." The team smiled at the aspect of there being only one mission remaining. "Only thing is, its not held by z's its full of psychotic nut cases. They could be cultists, escaped prisoners or psychotic nutcases from some asylum, in any case we know that they take human and zombie alike and turn them into mince meat, usually we would have you try and take them alive, but we have no housing to safely store prisoners, so rescue any hostages and kill all hostiles."
Ryan was first out of the chopper when the reached the rooftop "Okay team, get ready" he said. The chopper began to pull away, but then a signal flare shot out of the building and into the cockpit blinding the pilot and sending the helicopter into a neighboring building. "Son of a bitch! what the fuck just happened!"
"This is Ramone to base, Ramone to base, come in, Im not getting any answer"
"Of course not, the long range transmitter is in the chopper, we will have to clear this building then head down a few blocks to a civilian extraction zone, we can use the transmitter there to contact base." Ryan looked around at his distressed team. "c'mon, lets move out, and be quiet, they may think we died in the crash."
The team slowly moved into the building, almost instantly they encountered their first hostile, Heather grabbed the man, covering his mouth and dragged him to the roof for interigation. She cuffed him and began to ask questions. "Who are you people?"
"Who are we? who are you? in fact what are you? what are we? hmmm..."
"We are a special forces unit, and were human, now who or what are you people? and why are you butchering innocent people?" Heather asked.
The man laughed "Nobody is innocent, nobody is innocent, nobody is innocent..." The man continued like this spaced only by the occasional chuckle.
"Crazy bastard" Heather said.
"Kill him, Heather" Ryan said.
"Hes unarmed and secured, we cant just kill him, have you lost it Ryan?"
"Okay then, heres youre alternate options, you can carry crazy youreself through his buddies, then the zombies, all the way to the extraction point, or you can leave him here on a rooftop to slowly and painfully die."
Heather shot the captive man in the head "I see youre point, lets just take out these psycho's and be done."
Ramone lifted up his shotgun, "lets do this"

To be Continued.

Zombified #3
Phil, Burt and Steve continued walking through the muddy forest, the rain poured down heavily on them. "Good news is, those zombies cant hear us, bad news, we cant hear them." Burt said.
"When will this fucking rain stop, its so goddamned cold." Steve said
"Cold? Im burning up, how can you be cold in this heat?" Phil added.
"No Steve is right, its freezing out here, Phil you dont look so good."
"No, no, im fine...I feel fine."
"Im sure you do, just let me see your arm."
Phil extended his arm, and Burt removed the bandages. Removing his hunting knife he sliced Phil's arm just below his wound. "Dude, what the fuck!?"
"Did that hurt?"
"Well...um, no, it didnt...Is that some sort of knife trick or something?"
"No, the flesh around your wound is dead. you're turning."
"Well im not a fucking brain eater yet, now am I? Lets go."
"Right, lets keep moving."
"Shouldnt you rebandage me though?"
"Why bother."
"Good point."
The three continued to stomp through the mud. "Everyone quiet" Steve said. "Shambler, thee'o'clock."
"Good eye" Burt said. "Phil, take the shot, you deserve all the revenge you can get."
"You read my mind." Phil said, lifting his rifle top his shoulder. The two others watched as he took the shot with a loud bang.
"Jesus Chris! You just about blew his head clean off!" Steve exclaimed
"Ha, The rot must have weakened his skull, beautiful shot Phil...Phil!?" Burt said as he turned to see his friend lying on the ground having what seemed to be a seizure. Phil reached towards them, Violently swinging at them and groaning in pain. "Son of a bitch! He's turning! Steve..Shoot him!"
Steve just stood there, Clutching the revolver his friend had given him, for this exact purpose. "Y..you do it! I cant!"
"No, you made him a promise, you wanted to come out here and prove your a man? Shoot him, put him out of his misery. This is your task, not mine."
Steve pointed the pistol at his friend. Closing his eyes he pulled the trigger.
* * * * * * * * * *
Jack sat in his house, enjoying a book he had recently purchased the other day. Suddenly there was a frantic knock on his door, he had barely heard it with his headphones on as he listened to his favorite music. On his way to the door he heard screaming "Jack!? Jack!? are you okay!?"
Jack opened the door, and saw six other people who lived in the neighborhood, Jil, Jim, Patrick, Donald, Lauren and Margret and two of the children, July and Tom. "Im perfectly fine, what is wrong?"
"You dont know!? The dead are walking around! They got July and Tom's parents!"
Jack spied Patrick, who was holding a bloody crowbar. "Wait, what the hell is happening, and why is Patrick's crowbar covered in blood!?"
"Long story short, Zombies! Zombies are walking down the streets, Patrick and Jim kiled a few, and we locked others in our homes."
Jack looked past the group, seeing that they were seemingly right, as bloodied corpses were all over the streets. "What about Linus? Is he okay?"
"That...goth? we got enough problems without him-" Jill was cut off as gunshots sounded through the air, looking behind them they saw Linus standing on his balcony, dressed in a trenchcoat and covered in various metal spikes and other objects, holding a sniper rifle, as he had just downed three zombies sneaking up on the group.
"Hes coming with us..." Jack said.
Linus ran out of his house "Hey guys, you all okay?"
"Yeah, we are all fine, why do you have a sniper rifle?" Jack said
"I have a fair collection of guns in the basement, you're welcome to them. Im sure Jim dont have enough for everyone."
"Are they even legal?" Jim said, Dressed in his police uniform, as he was getting ready for work before the attack.
"Well this rifle is, but this isnt." He said, pulling out a Mac 10 SMG from his coat.
"I call the machine gun." Patrick said.
"You can have it, its dead worthless against zombies. It just takes one precise shot to the head. Oh, Jack, follow me I got one you will really like, and you can help me bring these guys some guns."
"Why dont we all go with you?" Jim said.
"Because my basement is tiny and a third person would be too much, and someone needs to watch the house while we're inside." Linus siad, turning towards his house, followed by Jack.
Once down in the basement, Jack noticed it was actually pretty large. "I lied, I just dont want people I dont trust down here."
"You trust me?"
"You're the only person here who talks to me. Just because I like Gothic clothing dont mean im a freak. Now lets see....ah here it is." Linus said, Pulling a antique M1 Garand from his gun cabinet. "M1 Garand, 30-06 Rounds, Fits you perfectly. And here, 45. Caliber pistol, old military Issue model. Enjoy."
"Thanks. What guns are you using?"
"This sniper for long to medium range, and a sawn off for short range. Now lets grab guns for everyone else, try to get all the bolt action and semi auto rifles.

To Be Continued.

Ryan and the team jumped down into the building, blasting the psychopaths as they ran at them, carrying knives, hatchets, cleavers. Ryan was a bit worried, The guys were outgunned, and had no ranged weapons, yet they ran at them, attacking in force and number. Soon everything was quiet. "Okay Heather, Ramone start searching the building for more, Marcus, scout the extraction, Take out any Z's in our way."
Marcus set up his sniper and soon began firing with precise accuracy. Soon Heather and Ramone returned "All's clear, I suggest we move now." Heather said.
"How many left?" Ryan asked Marcus.
"Not many, we should be clear for approach."
"Lets go, before more arrive."
The group ran out of the building, moving quickly for the extraction, abandoning stealth for speed. Soon they reached the building, and looked in horror as they saw the radio smashed on the street. "It must have been those psycho's from the last building."
"Shit, there's going to be alot of z's coming to our position, lets get inside and defend this position"
* * * * * * * *
Linus tossed Donald a .22 bolt action rifle. "Have fun, Jack give everyone else some guns, lets get moving."
"Moving?" Jim said. "We arent going anywhere, we stay here until help arrives."
"Were you always this stupid or did you work on it? The houses you didnt lock zombies in already arent feasible defensive position's. Let alone there isnt nearly enough supplies to keep us all alive for more than a week."
"Hes right" Donald added "We need to go somewhere with food, and supplies."
"Alright, we could head to the police station." Jim said
"Ametuer mistake, all the survivors are going to be heading there, and so are the zombies, even if we could get in there wouldnt be supplies to go around and only a matter of time before they get in. We need to stay away from places people will try going to, grocery stores, police stations, hospitals, schools, churches."
"How do you know so much about these things?" Lauren said
"Well think of it this way, when we hunt our prey, we base our habits on their behavior, like waiting at a stream for a animal to get a drink, those places are our stream, and we are the prey."
"So where do you suggest we go?" Jil asked.
"Personally? The middle of god damned nowhere, but since were on a fuckin' island i would suggest the docks."
"Thats straight through the city!" Patrick said
"So is everywhere else, but we sure as hell cant swim off this rock now can we?" Jack said
"Thank you Jack." Linus said. "Ok guys, we got our mission lets move, and we're going to need to work together if we want to survive, watch each others backs. Jim, Jack, you two better gather the supplies, food, water, all that stuff."
"Why us?" Jim argued.
"Because I have the extra ammo, and you two are the strongest here."
Jim and Jack walked inside of Jack's house and began cleaning out cuboards into duffle bags. "Who put that asshole in charge?"
"He isnt so bad, hes a nice guy if you get to know him." Jack said
"He's a punk, he doesnt even have a job, yet he has all those guns!"
"His dad was a collector, and he lives off his inheiritance."
"He's lazy, and a waste of space."
"Just get the food, okay? And fill up a couple jugs of water from the sink, before the water treatment plant shuts down too."
* * * * * * * *
"You did what you had to..." Burt said.
"It doesnt mean I liked it....happy fucking birthday." Steve replied.
"Well if it makes any difference, you proved you're more of a man than I am. Now we best get moving."
The two continued walking through the swamps, wary of the sounds and landscape around them. "What a fucking shit hole."
"I always thought of moving north...maybe as far as Canada..."
"What kept you?"
"Im an old fuck who cant afford to retire, if I become a zombie, ill probably still be working!"
"Gotcha, so were exactly are we going?"
"Well it isnt Canada, thats for damn sure. We are heading back into town, you need to check on your family, and if Phil's wife is still alive...she deserves to know...."
"Yeah, lets get going."

To Be Continued.