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Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 23rd, 2009

Basically ive only owned a computer for two and a half years. And I have come to a conclusion about what the internet truly is.

A wonderful and terrible place, and it scares me.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 16th, 2009

Then please, Visit my forum here and spend at least a little while there. Every great community must start somewhere, so please come on down and check things out!

In other news: I should be getting a tablet sometime next month, as the Wacom Bamboo wont run on Vista Home Basic (Damn you Gates!!!!!!) Im settling for a more expensive secondary brand alternative.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 14th, 2009

People seem to think that certain recent events are steps forward in humanity, let me clarify they are not.

A black president is NOT a step forward.

A Hispanic on the supreme court is NOT a step forward.

A Unattractive extremely talented singer is NOT a step forward.

They are steps backwards, Obama did not have to fight congress, hold strikes or pickets, he did simply what he had the right to do.

The day we commend people for getting a position based on there skills and proof they can do the job,not there race or appearance, is a day that is a step forward. They day we stop calling things concerning race or appearance a step forward, is a step forward.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 12th, 2009

Im going to go over a few things these so called "fans" take issue with left 4 dead 2. 13,000 douchebags have sworn not to buy the game

1. they were promised content for left 4 dead 1, but have yet to receive it: Bullshit, for all they know valve is finishing that up, or maybe since there two separate games they will still release for BOTH. Perhaps there going to patch it so you can download left 4 dead 1 maps to your hard drive and play them with left 4 dead 2? this also states that vale "isnt being loyal to there game post release like they have before" well, thats also bullshit, you dont know what they plan? seems to me like these morons arent being fateful to one of the greatest companies around (lets not forget Valve wanted to add alot of left 4 dead 2's content, but the game engine wouldnt allow it so they had to build it up and release a new game)

2. the fucking lighting, because the first was dark, they complain that the light atmosphere is a huge no-no, apparently during a zombie outbreak the sun NEVER rises again. give me a break.

3. its too soon, sure msot games arent done in a year, but mind you that valve codes all there games in a similar fashion, by reusing the same engine, but constantly building it up. so alot of the job is already done! and heres one fore you: Madden, Fifa, sports games come out every year.

4. Character designs seem bland: as we all know common civilians wear complex anime style clothing, complete with pointy haircuts and impossibly large weapons. Fuck you.

5. Its basically the same as left 4 dead 1. Thats saying alot, it has: new weapons, new maps, new characters, new graphics, new features, limb dismemberment, new infected, all new melee system., and probably more. As far as a new version of a FPS goes, you cant change much more! (Halo and call of duty, star examples)

Its not even out yet, you dont know jack shit, Valve has always been loyal to its franchises and customers, have some fucking faith.

As for Valve, I suggest they tell any protestors to go fuck themselves, but they are better than that.

If your going to protest a game, protest a game where the first one sucked, not a game where the first was epic. But whatever, I will enjoy left 4 dead 2 bliss while protestors wait for left 4 dead 1 content and for half life 2 episode 3, have fun waiting.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 9th, 2009

Heres what I dont expect from my flash, that people seem to think I expect:

I DONT expect front page

I DONT expect awards

I DONT expect high ratings

Heres what I do Expect:

People to understand the point of the animation.

People to read my comments before posting something completely useless.

Heres what you should know:

My animation is short, simple, and lacks animations

I use LiveSwif, please attempt to use this crap before making ridiculous comments about my animation

I use a mouse, and every minute attempting to actually draw something is like being stabbed, why should i suffer for days, just so people will whine, complain, and bitch.

I am eventually getting a tablet, so that every minute drawing is not agony, but fun creativity.

Artists who don't have a tablet or 700$ flash studio program and just "get by" on what they got, have a inherent ability to actually somewhat enjoy creating in this way, I do not.

I have 0 people skills, and frankly find us humans disgusting creatures and cannot deal with critics who don't at least give me info (that isn't obvious) so if I actually do make Crossed Swords into a actual business one year in the future, ill hire someone to do "public relations" while I sit back and bitch.

I constantly feel guilt for being rude, but cannot help it as previously stated, so if I do get a fan of my work, I tend to like them ALOT(Not in a bad way, they just become instant friends) so please feed my ego at my forums http://www.crossedswords.yuku.com/ I get wonwy

I feel like a painter, without a brush or paint.

Im a decent writer, and half decent artist (In traditional media, and hopefully with a tablet.) I would prove it, but i dont have a working scanner either (Damn you Vista!!!!!)

Im very annoyed right now, and tired of whiny bitches complaining about the same thing over and over when ive already covered it.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 8th, 2009

Well I hope it passes, the main part of it is really testing my new On click feature, allowing veiwers to watch at leisure to their own reading speeds.

I also added a new sound tone, a bit more soothing.

I forgot to mention the feature in the actual flash, i certainly hope people read my first line of comments i put in caps READ BEFORE VIEWING...

The jokes aren't as funny as previous ones, but the point still stands.

if you want high quality long ass animations, wait for me to get a tablet, im not making shit with a mouse, tried and failed.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 3rd, 2009

I once praised the game for such promise as it had shown, but instead of a community of artists making beautiful scenes, it became something worse.

I joined last year, sometime around October. Back then there were many very talented artists and animators in it, and lots of stuff to do and interesting people to meet. The world was diverse, everyone collected a barrage of many avatars, allowing themselves to be different from others.

It also wasnt hard to get some starting gear, lots of items on the market varied heavily in price, with 5k being one of the highest.

There was also a really fun game, one that was even uploaded here, on newgrounds, then i had no idea what trouble it would bring. It was named "Brawler Whirled" it was made by a user called "Cherub" He also released the enemy gnolls as pets, and the hero Kawaii's as avatars.

Cherub eventually gave the avitar and pet bases to friends, who gave it to their friends and so on and so forth. People began making their own, but instead of all enw ones, they simply made small edits with what looked like MS Paint and LiveSwif, or just colored them differently. These people uploaded for large prices, even posting for bars (the real world money currency, items worth bars can net you real world cash) and so they made plenty of money and hundreds of sales, for stolen work. say "Credit to cherub" all you like, its stolen. Before this, it appeared Cherub got annoyed and quit (many people asked him about new stuff, or made requests.)

So what was the result of this? Naturally the diversity dissapeared, and i could categorize everyone into four simple groups: Vampires, Kawaii/Gnolls, Anime, Nintendo/sonic. and then the price of bars/ coins rose, substantially, along with all other items, 5k was low and 30k was medium, prices soared.

Not to mention huge rip offs, weebl's animations, games from other sites, all uploaded by incorrect sources with no permission.

The game got laggier and laggier, despite all fixes the developers attempted, the game filled, and people were gullible enough to believe things were more than simple recolors. Grammar was cast aside and alas, whirled became something along the lines of YoVille or Zwinky.

I decided to quit after it was a announced that you had to buy bars for bar items, and could no longer use coins, too few things come out for me to waste my money, and when they do come out, they are for bars.

Such potential, such disaster.

I am getting a tablet soon too, i could have made some decent coin on there with my creations, but I dont want them to have it.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 2nd, 2009

A movie about a young boy who wears only a pair of latex underwear and rocket boots? Pedophile alert.

Some games should NEVER become movies. EVER.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 2nd, 2009

I only just got the first one!(Rented it when it first came out though, just couldn't afford it, and then other games came out) I cant wait to nab this gem!

November 17th....awesome.


Assassins Creed 2 in december!

And army of two: the 40th day sometime this year, it shows potential the first one didnt quite live up to.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - May 24th, 2009

Pick up a copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. this book doesnt teach you to make spiderman, but make anything you want. This book is extremely imformative, easy to read, and very good (and was made a Marvels glory days, before Joe Quesada and their conversion to anime styles in a american classic. Marvel has become the 4kids tv of...marvel...)