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Do I hate Everyone?

2009-05-19 23:31:28 by Crossed-Swords

Pretty much, but thats all even among humanity, heres the people I hate especially:

The Lazy people at nintendo who can only design controllers rather than practical consoles or a original game.

Disney....bastards own everything I hate...and everything i love...they need to die

Developers of Final Fantasy, seriously you've made way too many sequels of the worst game series i have had the displeasure of attempting.

3D Realms, These assholes try to make the next installment of a great game, takes ten years, any surprise they went under?

Konami-Dont reverse my controls on metal gear solid, then ill forgive you (X is not back!!!)

Anima/Manga Artists, Anime is lazily made, extremely generic (Everything is the SAAAAAAME) makes no sense whatsoever, and band aids cure everyhting and allow you to continue fighting in impractical ways.

4Kids TV-Anyone who turns G.I.Joe, A Real AMERICAN Hero into a Japanese Anime needs to die, forever.

Modern Marvel Comics, Spiderman is not a manga, and stop making remakes of the classics, Joe Quesada, you're fired, The only way to redeem yourself is to Let Ryan Sohmer Write Deadpool

Bigots (People who hate gays, furries, or other races. Cant stand you assholes a bit.)

Gangsters, People who think murder and drugs are cool, what awesome role models

Drug Addicts, You know that population called your school? This includes EVERYONE there.

The List goes on.....

People I Like:

The Folks at Bungie, How many developers listen to their fans like these guys? None, Bungie gets huge kudos for that

Ubisoft, Someone who can make a epic game and keep it a freaking secret (seriously, spoilers ruin the game release)

Bethesda, Games worth your money, not many games are worth 60$ but elder scrolls and fallout are definitely worth it, Beth, you guys rock

EA, Primarily known for sports and sims, but there new games like Army of Two and Godfather 1 & 2 show a learning process in making great games, cant wait for the next Ao2, all they need is mroe time in content, there games are short.

Old Marvel, Inventors of Cobra Commander, Gambit, Magneto and Deadpool? And did it right? Cant top that.

Hasbro, Nobody went through childhood without owning one of their toys, from G.I. Joe to Marvel

George Lucas: I love all six star wars, the mini series and the new animated cartoon (I never expected to see people die like that in a cartoon network show) Did everything right, except for Jar Jar and the Holiday Special.

Lar DeSouza and Ryan Sohmer, Writers of LFG Comic and LICD, never missed a due date, never took a vacation, awesome guys to boot.

And Probably more....

So im doing some great things around the site and forum, getting it all cleaned up, and I hope to do more. Im advancing as a artist (But without a tablet, my new skills don't do me much good) And advancing very much as a story teller. But I need more people active on my site and forum. A community begins with 1. Ive recently added a chatroom to the forum, and hope to see some new faces. I need ideas for updates, and would love to have other artists and story tellers post on the forums. I also would love to get the Roleplay boards going. So please, take a few minutes to check things out, illb e lounging in the chat, drop by and say hi.

Ive played 2 new games recently, and id like to share:

Godfather 2: I was impressed with the realistic physics engine first off (Hitting a pedestrian wont send them soaring into the air in a saints row/gta fashion. but rather cross the hood, over the roof, and trailing blood.) And the new style where it made it less of a small time soldier getting caught in shootouts and drivebys, to being a don, planning organizing and enacting plans. The family system and stat upgrade was real fun, they take out the black market (buying a pistol off a guy in a alley isnt a dons place) and make it cost money to train and arm your men. You also find gun upgrades. Once again however you couldn't downgrade your own gun (Sometimes a classic tommy gun is what you want) The abilities system was pretty cool, however the point of finding the rare 2 skill guys is taken away as two capos and a underboss can have all skills +1(of course a entire team of medics wouldn't be bad.) But overall i was extremely dissapointed, I beat it, got every achievement, in a couple days (And the game froze during a autosave corrupting my file, so i did it twice.) It also had a tendency to freeze and crash. And a lack of difficulties made it too easy (Once I was financially secure, I would NEVER lose a business, had four soldiers to send as defenders, and took out the remaining 4 families in a day.) and Cuba was annoying as hell (The cops try to kill you for driving down the street)

Fallout 3: I had never played 1 or 2 (And never will, I gave up on old crappy sprite games, sorry nostalgic whiney bitches.) and yes the game is identical to oblivion, but why fix what isnt broke? It was a definate improvement to oblivion's engine and I hope beth will borrow some traits (Perks mainly, It would be nice to one hit kill sleeping enemies with a good throat slit, some of the abilities really help the realism of the game) and implement them in the next elder scrolls (Sadly taking place in skyrim...I just dont like nords...or dunmer....or a entire game of snow) But back to fallout, the game is extremely fun, its full of great humor, lots of exploring, and plenty to do. All i can say is if you like games that you need to be creative on (My favorite type, its why I don't get too many linear games or games with a complete lack of customization) or just like rpg's and open world games in general, it is a must have.

And I would liek to explain why a game set to have been decimated in 2077 is so much like the fifties, it is a alternate reality branching some time after WW2, instead of making computers, we harness the power of the atom (A renewable energy source.) and instead of science, it has Science! (Instead of cancer and miscarriages from radiation, you get mutant arms or other mutations.) So basicall instea dof our future its the future people of the fifties believed would happen (radioactive cars, robot servants) so naturally, americas number 1 enemy is Communism (Sparking a war between the USA amd China, ending in a two hour great war that causing nuclear devastation.) Like oblivion it is chock full of references to other things. (While uncomfirmed Mr. Burke is alot like Lucien Lechance from oblivion, and voiced by the same actor.)

Need a writer? Or just some help writing?

2009-05-01 18:08:56 by Crossed-Swords

Well heres the deal, if you need to write a animation I will be glad to help. Maybe you have a storyline idea, but cant exactly make the speech sound right. Or just need your work checked, for most anything to do with writing (I wont write stories for you however, this is mainly for animation scripts) i will be glad to do it for free. Just send me a pm with all the info on the project you can. Ill try to get back for within a few days (Or hours). and depending on the amount I contribute, I would like to be mentioned in the comments, or co-authored as the writer.


2009-04-27 23:49:43 by Crossed-Swords

In my time on the internet ive met an appalling crowd of douchebags, but one that gets under my skin the most is probably nostalgic cry babies. Now nostalgia is all good and fine, enjoy them older things, but dont dwell. Im tired of people complaining about the ne windiana jones, or the new star wars, or todays video games vs. the 64. SHUT UP, first off, these new things are NOT directed towards you, you are NOT the center of the show anymore, it is directed to a new (and i admit, they are a dumbed down, retarded, overly sensitive pack of freak's who think they are "gangsta"...more on this "gangsta" bullshit later.) generation. Im also tired of hearing "It starred robin williams, when he was funny" and other comments, back then people like him, made and directed his jokes to your generation, but if he wants to continue to make revenue time to change the act and aim at the majority.
And if you complain because someone "digitally remastered" something, fuck you to hell. Heres the deal, remember those old 1950 alien/greek/horror movies that had such terrible effects that instead of laugh with them, we laugh at them. well if companies dont remaster their classics, they will be laughed at, not with.
And do you really expect a new movie to bring back that nostalgic feeling of the original? It cant, they producers cant get away with dumbing down the quality, effects, action just so you can feel nostalgic. Its NEW its not going to be the original. It never will.
I will symphasize with you however, on SOME, not all, but SOME remakes. Certain movies, like the longest yard for example. should be remade, they werent that great to begin with, now its pretty damn funny. But movies that were already perfect, like willy wonka, should'nt be touched, its been done before, let it go.

Why do I do what I do?

2009-04-20 01:11:54 by Crossed-Swords

I'm going to be blunt, the site, the forum, the animations, the stories, I make zip off this. So why do I keep things running, why do I take the time to interact with everyone who comes across my works? Why do I put up these works?

Because I feel good when I see people enjoying themselves, I like having people who like what I do. And some of the comments I get can just break down my will, and make me question my actions. "Should I even bother animating?"

Even when I receive tips, sometimes there just so rude I don't even feel like trying them. But there's always those few "Keep it up" and "I Love this!" or "This is pretty funny" that keep me going, It may seem small, but thank those and encourage those you see making a real effort, whether it be me, or another person who is still trying to learn. It goes a long way.

And if you make your own works, and receive Reviews, be sure to interact with your audience. Thank those who thank you, and try to clear your head before responding to negative nancy's these internet user's need to be, and quite easily can, be put in their place.


If you were a bit inspired, or just liked my writing be sure to hit up my forum:, Im always posting this stuff.

Why I Dislike Nintendo

2009-04-18 02:53:58 by Crossed-Swords

So while most people who hate a console or subject will shout it out, Im going to give you a structured reasons why I hate nintendo. Here i go:

Now when I was a kid, the NES and the 64 were the shit, I lvoed the original mario's. And Poke'mon for Gameboy was just awesome (Even though I hated every other pokemon product, the game was absolutely amazing)

One of the greatest things about the Nes, 64 and gameboy, were they were huge steps forward in video game production, improved engines and capabilities. Though I never owned a Nintendo system except for a Gameboy advanced, I instead owned a PS1 (Which is till own with original controller and memory card, and in working condition, if not mint) I am not rich, I am not poor, I get by, so when the PS2 came out, I didn't get it until a little while after PS1 game production ended.

After all, I loved my PS1, why shouldnt I get the PS2? Well because the Xbox was superior and the one of the first consoles to come out without a single problem, and proven to be nigh indestructible. But of course the best games came out for PS2 and the worst, and the Nintendo gamecube didnt interest me too much, it lacked features other consoles had. Because of its unique dis's movies or CD's could not be played, and whenever I played it, I found Nintendos controllers to be a bit...odd and hard to utilize. They apeared to have went crazy and made a fun, kid friendly controller rather than a functions "Everything is where your fingers will lay" Design.

But the PS2 was by no means perfect, It stopped playing movies and I could no longer watch Gilligans Island while I drew. Come christmas time it was time for a new console, as mine was officially out of date, I set my sites on the 360, It seemed to have fewer problems than the PS3, A lifetime warranty, Tons of great games, and alot of the PS3's functions, were Xbox Rip off's, not to mention: IT WASNT THE WII

When I first saw the commercial for the wii, I Laughed my ass off, two weird Japanese guys walk up to a American family's door saying "Wii would like to play" This was the GREATEST Video game console sexual innuendo Ive seen! (In your endo, Had to do it) But the console was a huge discrace. Its engine allowed for small, badly rendered games, even though it was developed after 360 and PS3. Now many may say "Graphics dont matter, its gameplay" Well yes, they dont makew the entire game, but if you make a game TODAY for a console, If it lacks ing raphics and is a cutesy or badly rendered game heres what goes through my mind "You do not take pride in your work, you dont strive to make the best you can, instead in your greed you have chosen to create a terrible game with limited content, and bad models. You are a complete whore" A great example if HOTD: Overkill. It is apparently fun, but the graphics are worse than Gamecube. You failed. Now as for this "Wiimote" It didnt even come with the hyper extender! It was in the fucking original commercials! not to mention, how hard would it be for Xbox/PS3 to produce the attachments the wii has? It just takes a company willing to develop a new controller for the fun of the game (See: Guitar Hero 1/2 everything after is a big exploit)

Now I would like to give you a couple of example companies, of people who take pride in their work: Bethesda: My favorite game production company, these guys create enormous, beautifully rendered worlds, with more content than you're even aware of! Limitless possibility and choice! Not to mention the DLC for the games are practically a new game on their own! You cant complain that they "Reused the basic models for most things" because of the vast amount of said things. these guys are geniuses gettign better with every game.

Ubisoft: These people make gorgeous games, Extremely well rendered and detailed. Not only that, they know what a surprise is, Assassins creed 2 is in production NOT ONE SPOILER, face it they ruin games and movies, I play a brand new game knowing half the stuff, and realize what they took out IM DISAPPOINTED (See; Army of Two)

Bungie: Now alot fo layers complained halo 3 was dumbed down. while I may agree they were extremely lazy on campaign, they realized that nobody gave a shit about it and just wanted multiplayer. Now if you're wondering why most of the guns get exponentially worse, here is the answer: you, Bungie is great because they care about their fans, and listen to them, they see you complain about getting killed by bullshit, and try to fix it.

Now for the Nintendo DS: Here is all I really need to say: When I saw the commercial for GTA chinatown, I thought it was a cheap Cell phone game, then a big fat "Nintendo DS" poped up, and I LOL'd, You're better off with a higher quality PSP, with free online multiplayer, internet browser, MP3, Video, and picture capabilities. Not to mention, the latest games are damn close, if not better than PS2 quality, on a goddamned portable gaming console!

And who touched the blue rectangle? Remember the original commercial? who was freaked out when that came on the first time? and to be safe, touched it, because just maybe they would be thrown into that realm of adventure fantasy and epic they always wished for. And who was sorely disappointed?

so I leave my comments for debate, I respond to all for I am Zaayl and I am a complete dork! I best pray to god I can publish my book and live on that money LOL, well actually I plan on developing Video games, take a few college courses in digital art and design, perhaps a few in general art and writing.

Looking for Members!

2009-04-06 15:42:48 by Crossed-Swords

Crossed Swords Productions is looking for members to join our forums

If you like to roleplay, share art or stories, or even just chat, come on down. we already have a growing community and the more dedicated members who join the better the experience will be! so please come on down, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or contact Zaayl (me!) on the forums.

and if you havent already, check out CSC, Chatrooms, altogether they run only 3 minutes, and im sure you will get a quick lol out of them.

CSC, Chatrooms

2009-04-03 00:35:17 by Crossed-Swords

Check it out, I am so very pleased with how it turned out.

such negative reveiws

2009-04-02 15:11:38 by Crossed-Swords

not only did I receive 0 constructive criticism, but nobody seemed to understand the purpose of the flash....there is no hope for the human race after all....