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Posted by Crossed-Swords - March 21st, 2009

I dont care who you bash, be it furries, gay's, tranny's, the wii, even scientologists, get your facts straight, im tired of seeing arguments that are too general, and plain retarded against certain groups or things, or just filled with false slanderous information, now i have been known to bash on the wii and scientologists (well more mock and humiliate those wackjobs) however before i said a single word against them, i looked up a whole bunch of info and spent a good hour researching them. I also bash disney religiously, and thats all my little sister watches so trust me...I KNOW what shit they have been raping children with.

and while i have your attention on this subject, let me clarify things about furries

Furfag's (as there rudely named) Not all furries are gay, while alot of them are, so is alot of the human population.

Bestiality-This is not technically "furry" its zoophiliac, some furries also are into this, but this isnt a fandom wide thing.

Fursuit- another thing that is definately furry related, but no worse than people dressing up as boba fett at a comic con or even wearing a football jersy during the big game (think about it!), and also not fandom wide.

so what is the universal point in the fandom? anthro's, whether used in art stories or games (various kids shows, sly cooper, star fox etc.) I personally browse art and make some of my own, or perhaps make a in game furry character (Oblivion, perfect world, WoW etc) and write stories that involve races that are anthropomorphic animals.

face it there all around and no worse than those anime freaks.

well, go ahead, comment, give me all you got.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - March 11th, 2009

My web comic career has begun, its released dates are: whenever i feel like making a new one

Yup, sorry about the terrible quality of the images, seriously it sucks having no tablet, it makes me sad face ;(

But i will try to make up for it with logic and humor, i would post it here but its far too large and would not be readable so it can be found here

and im sure some of you came for free advertising, well on my forum i have a little contest, i need a tagline (like newgrounds "everything by everyone") winner of said contest gets a free (small link, not banner) advertisement, that will appear on every page of the website.

Leave a comment, i always respond, see you around
-Zaayl of Crossed Swords Productions

Posted by Crossed-Swords - March 10th, 2009

Removed ever BVR file, because i was disgusted with my horrible work (and alot of ppl were too), but my madness shall stay

i have set up my twitter feed, im quite enjoying it using it for quick updates and random thoughts. Here

im hoping to start a webcomic type deal on my site, it wont be great quality but it will be funny i hope. It wont have set due dates, but i hope to pull out a bunch of them.

idk when ill start, maybe after i make a few general (meaning i can upload anytime) comics to cushion me.

I set up the new Yuku forums for my site, i really like it (and if you like to rp you will love it!) its got art forums story forums, and roleplay forums, be the first to post!

and im doing alot of things and constantly changing the website.

other than that not much, feel free to leave a comment (by the way i accidentally typed comic instead of comment, little fun fact for you)

Posted by Crossed-Swords - February 26th, 2009

Locke, my all time favorite character of LOST, officially lives! i have to post this because, im pretty much having a LOSTgasm right now at the epicness of this episode



Posted by Crossed-Swords - February 24th, 2009

I think its time to make a post about my favorite band, and why they are my favorite.

For those who dont know Bad Religion is a punk rock band.
There songs are (mostly) political, but there not another anti government anarchist band.
They have respectable views, and teach others to not only think for themselves, but speak youre voice, dont be quiet about whats important to you. They use Religion as a basis for something that prevents free will, directing you what to do and having you do it without question.

And there not like other sublime bands, these guys are smart and know what there saying. Greg Graffin, the lead singer is in fact a teacher at UCLA and has received a Lifetime achievement award for Humanism. He also released a Solo album made up of Folk music titled Cold as the Clay

So with Bad Religion its not just the music (which is delightfully varies and the best music ive heard) But the message it portrays.

Now i suppose i should post some of my political and Religious views.

Anarchy: "Hey lets all Organize to end Organization!" Anarchy is a huge crock of shit, it is human nature to take power, (Anarchists have obviously never been in a school) So, what would we truly end up with? Chaos, Death, Misery, Destruction. We would lose all jobs, all luxuries, food would grow dry, murderers rapists and psychopaths would run free. and someone would organize a militia, and take over, so the world becomes desolate wasteland covered in multiple forced dictatorships, and the age of Monarchy and Kings will begin anew, as long as these dictators can start a half asses economy and supply of food. or else we will all just die. so we have Death, and loss of freedom, "Yay!" Howeve ri think the Anarchy A looks cool, but that's about it.

Gay Marriage: I'm getting more and more controversial by the minute aren't i? whoops. Personally i don't give a shit if a guy marries a guy, and don't know what religious bastards care, if its the path to hell, let them go to hell and don't follow him for being arrogant bastards. And there is no sanctity of marriage, the bible also says that if you marry a non-virgin, she should be killed, well its now perfectly legal to have sex before marriage isn't it? But if youre a religious nut and truly love you're partner, that's a big choice aint it? Moving on, Divorce and Re-marriage are also forbidden, lots men lose over half there things every day, but then go marry some plastic tramp with huge boobs. and lets not forget "Love thy Neighbor" so leave them alone. and the fact its a political thing is complete bullshit, this is America, not Cuba, not china, America! Land of the Free! Canada and Europe have beaten us to a step towards equality, seriously we may truly be fucked.

Marijuana: Of all the drugs out there, pot is harmless, it is like a beer in reverse, most people get nicer with pot and only some get meaner, most people get meaner with beer and only some get nicer. Its not even as dangerous to others as beer, ill give you two phrases to give you a idea "Dad got drunk and beat my mommy" and "Dad got stoned and ate all the Cheetos!" Meth and cocaine however, they are more dangerous to others, both make you more violent, and meth labs can kill alot of people when they go, especially in apartments.

Obama: I have no true preference yet, as most presidential plans to solve things take a matte rof years to work, he hasn't been in office long enough, not to mention congress has to approve hsi every action.

Religion: Belive what you want, but dont go seling it around like a whore, dont be out protesting others rights, dont be a jackass. (and Jehovas Witnesses, you guys are creepy and stop coming by everyone's house, Im starting to think youre actually aliens sent by tom cruise)

Scientology: Not a religion, its a conspiracy, Fictions writers acid trip and enough stolen money to pay off our national debt, and fix the economy for 500 years.

Bad Religion, and why I love them

Posted by Crossed-Swords - February 17th, 2009

Authors notes: this is a short webstory updated whenever i complete a new page, and due to some criticism from another site, i have revised and edited my story.

please leave comments, i am truly interested in others opinions and suggestions

Zombified #1
Phil, Burt and Steve sat around the campfire drinking beer. "Another God damned day of nothing!" Phil said, Phil was a large man He had brown hair and a long beard. Burt sat up, he was the biggest of the three and oldest, his hair and chin stubble were gray, but his age didn't stop him from being just as tough as his two companions.
"I think your smell scared them away Phil." He said. Steve laughed, he was smallest and youngest of the three, He was clean shaven a nicely groomed, because of this Phil and Burt would poke fun at him, This whole trip was his idea, hoping to prove to his friends he was as tough as they were, and tomorrow was his twenty fifth birthday.
"What are you laughing at Steve? if anything they got scared by your perfume." All three of them laughed, while some of their jokes seemed mean, Steve knew they meant well. These three were probably some of the best friends in their town, they all met at the Mechanic Shop they worked in. It was unlikely for someone in that small town to walk into a bar and see one of these guys but not the others.
Partway through the night they heard a loud groaning sound. "What kind of animal is that?" Steve asked.
Burt stood up "Thats no animal, look" Burt pointed at the Human silhouette drawing near.
"Look at that limp, he must be hurt.". Phil got up and walked a bit closer.
"Hey, are you okay?" he yelled, the man grew closer they could see him in the moonlight, he was covered in blood and wounds. "He wont answer, look at his neck, he probably cant talk." Phil rushed over to help the man. "Its going to be okay sir, well take you to tow- aaaaaaargh!!!" he screamed as the deranged man bit his arm. Phil punched the assailant in the temple and threw him down. "The bastard bit me!" Phil yelled.
"Quit your crying and get over here." Yelled Burt. Phil started to walk over when the injured man got back up, Phil pulled out the custom Revolver he spent almost three months salary on.
"Stay back you psycho bastard." The man creeped forward ignoring Phils warning. "Ill shoot you, you got three seconds to stop! one..two.." The man didn't stop. "three!" Phil shot him in the leg, it didn't even slow him, he shot the guy a second time in the gut. "What the fuck!" he shot the guy a third time in the chest, and finally shot him in the head, sending the man down just feet from Phil.
"You killed him!" Steve yelled, Burt threw Phil the first aid kit, and inspected the body.
"You all saw, he didn't stop i had to do something, it was purely self defense." Phil said as he began bandaging the wound on his arm.
"We know, but still, you just killed a man."
"That's the least of our worries, check this out." Burt said. The two walked over to the body. "This guys throat is gone, completely gone, he should have been long dead before you shot him."
"that's fucked up, This must be the guy that the Sheriff said bit him out here." Phil said. There came more moans similar to what the man they had just shot. They looked around to see that various people were walking into the camp. almost all of them had visible wounds that should be lethal.
"Are these what i think they are?" Steve asked.
"Your guess is as good as mine." Burt said.
"Zombies." all three of them said in unison. "Grab your guns boys, and aim for the head." The three of them scrambled for there rifles and backpacks which had all their ammo, and some supplies.
"There too close for these rifles, use pistols, Steve take the shotgun." The three began to blast their way out, they were completely surrounded, however they were able to mike a sizable hole in the undead horde to escape.
"Slow Bastards!" Phil laughed.
"Stan's still at the rangers lodge with the truck right?" Steve asked. The group stopped
"uuuh, we lent him the truck for the week, since we were gonna spend our vacation here we said he could go to Vegas." Phil said.
"What! i have to get home to my family!" Steve yelled.
"Hey now, i got one to get back to too, the sheriff was investing disappearances, maybe hes still down there, he could give us a ride!" Phil said. The three ran back to the nearby lodge. Upon reaching it they saw the sheriff limply leaning against the wall, covered in bite marks holding a revolver loosely in his hand.
"Sheriff Carl? you okay?" Burt asked. The sheriff pointed his pistol at the three. "oh its you guys, no im not okay, i need a doctor." He said.
"Okay, we'll drive you into town. give us your keys." Steve said holding out his hand.
"Fraid not, i shot up the cruiser pretty badly trying to kill him" The sheriff gestured to a zombie lying against the door. "Arm hurt to much to aim properly, his the gas tank and engine, even if you fix it its empty by now" The sheriff began to make gargling sounds and shaking heavily, and then nothing.
Phil put his fingers against the sheriffs neck. "Hes dead" Phil said, but then the sheriff sprang up and bit Phil on the forearm. Burt put his pistol against the sheriff's temple and fired. "he..he..turned into...one of them." Phil said, stammering.
"Probably transmitted the disease through saliva, when they bite you." Burt said,
Phil's eyes widened, "when they bite me!? I'm going to become one of those things!" Phil yelled.
"shhh, not so god damned loud. we don't know for sure yet, for all we know its in the air and were all going to die. Until we know for sure, lets not get too hasty." Burt said. Phil pulled out his custom revolver and handed it to Steve.
"If i turn into one of those...things...i want you to shoot me in the head, give me back the gun if at this time tomorrow I'm still alive. Now hand me the shotgun." Phil said. Steve nodded.
"We should take the guns and ammo in the cruiser, then we should start walking." Steve said.

To be Continued.

Zombified #2
"Okay, Go! Go! Go!" Ryan yelled, sending the rest of his team down zip cords into the casino. "Remember to aim for the head!" As soon as they touched the ground they began to open fire on the advancing undead.
"Frag out!" Ramone yelled throwing a grenade towards the stairs, where a large horde had moved its way up. The grenade exploded turning the zombies into some sort of sticky substance.
"This rooms clear, check closets, security rooms, bathroom stalls or any other rooms you find for survivors" Ryan said. "Regroup here, now move out." The squad spread out, searching every possible hiding place, eliminating any zombie's they find.
"This building is clear, sir." Heather said.
"Okay, set up the radio, barricade the exits, and throw the ladder out the window." Everyone moved out to secure, and barricade the doors. Ramone grabbed a rope ladder they had brought with them and threw it out the second floor window, so only humans could enter. Ryan set up a solar powered two way radio for any survivor to use. "Lets get to the roof for extraction." The team climbed up to the roof. The team stood in the sunlight as a helicopter came down to pick them up.
Ramone was the first on, he was known as the Italian, because of his thick accent. He was the demolition expert of the team, and shotgunner, He wore the same uniform as all the other squad members, while it looked like a regular Grey S.W.A.T. uniform, it actually had a special chainmail mesh to prevent bites from piercing the skin. His chin was clean shaven and if it weren't for the bits of hair sticking out from under his beanie, and his eyebrows, you wouldn't know his hair was black.
Marcus was the next into the helicopter, aside from being a infamous practical joker at the base he was a sniper expert, and scout. He had a bit of stubble on his chin, and had no hair to speak of.
Heather was third on board, she was the stealthiest of the group and expert at various forms of hand to hand combat, knife combat, silenced SMG use, and silenced pistols. She was very cocky and the entire squad knew to stay far away whenever she was pissed off. Since the outbreak she has cut her red hair, so as not to give the clawing zombies a grip on her.
Last aboard the Helicopter was the team leader, Ryan. He was skilled with a wide variety of weapons and combat, but preferred using the M4A1. He was very calm and level headed. He gave his Commander a huge headache with how often he would improvise with some crazy plan that usually barely works. But since the outbreaks he and his squad had been the only ones out there. He had short brown hair, and was clean shaven.
"You guys did great!" Their pilot, Harold, said. "We got one more job for you guys, were coming up on a office building, clear it and we'll return to base for the last time." The team smiled at the aspect of there being only one mission remaining. "Only thing is, its not held by z's its full of psychotic nut cases. They could be cultists, escaped prisoners or psychotic nutcases from some asylum, in any case we know that they take human and zombie alike and turn them into mince meat, usually we would have you try and take them alive, but we have no housing to safely store prisoners, so rescue any hostages and kill all hostiles."
Ryan was first out of the chopper when the reached the rooftop "Okay team, get ready" he said. The chopper began to pull away, but then a signal flare shot out of the building and into the cockpit blinding the pilot and sending the helicopter into a neighboring building. "Son of a bitch! what the Fuck just happened!"
"This is Ramone to base, Ramone to base, come in, I'm not getting any answer"
"Of course not, the long range transmitter is in the chopper, we will have to clear this building then head down a few blocks to a civilian extraction zone, we can use the transmitter there to contact base." Ryan looked around at his distressed team. "c'mon, lets move out, and be quiet, they may think we died in the crash."
The team slowly moved into the building, almost instantly they encountered their first hostile, Heather grabbed the man, covering his mouth and dragged him to the roof for interrogation. She cuffed him and began to ask questions. "Who are you people?"
"Who are we? who are you? in fact what are you? what are we? hmmm..."
"We are a special forces unit, and were human, now who or what are you people? and why are you butchering innocent people?" Heather asked.
The man laughed "Nobody is innocent, nobody is innocent, nobody is innocent..." The man continued like this spaced only by the occasional chuckle.
"Crazy bastard" Heather said.
"Kill him, Heather" Ryan said.
"Hes unarmed and secured, we cant just kill him, have you lost it Ryan?"
"Okay then, here's your alternate options, you can carry crazy yourself through his buddies, then the zombies, all the way to the extraction point, or you can leave him here on a rooftop to slowly and painfully die."
Heather shot the captive man in the head "I see your point, lets just take out these psycho's and be done."
Ramone lifted up his shotgun, "lets do this"

To be Continued.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - January 27th, 2009

well i recently finished a story, im planning on copyrighting it and making it into a novel (after a few rewrites) so that wont be posted freely on the internet, however im going to revise Demons and heroes with my new knowledge and ideas.

idk about flash, i hate my stupid flash making liveswif, and paint.NET aint so great, i can only freehand, so idk if ill ever make anything decent in flash, and until i gt a scanner dont plan on any art. alot of ppl wanted madness strategy game 2, but idk. this year for madness day i may make comic strips. artwork, etc.

im going to work on my website mroe often, its shitty now, and sinc ei cant buy a domain for 500 bucks or so im stuck with freewebs, i tried google new "sites" but it sucks. im going to figure out how to text msg my email (ive done it before but it wont work now) so i can maybe make home videos with that, ya know gatta do with what ya got.

Now im going to give my cousin my story to read over before i rewrite it again (add more details etc) hes one of the only people i can trust. that leaves me alot of time to work on demons and heroes (probably ganna rename it)

ive always got plans like this you know. anyway i want to do some sort of webcomic ya know, something cool, funny. but i need a scanner and time to do that shit. if i do finally get one it will probably be once monthly, no actual day. ill be able to upload art etc.

well leave youre comments, im welcome to ideas, just know i cant afford shit.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - January 21st, 2009


Posted by Crossed-Swords - January 1st, 2009

havent been on the computer for a few days so im posting tonight. i got a few things: first off i got a psp, psp accessory kit (case, game covers, soft cloth to clean it that works well on xbox disks too, REAL WELL) and 3 games for the system, ratchet and clank: Size matters (awesome game in the series) sims 2 (waaaay different from the ps2 and pc versions! its all paranormal, my guy is currently a vampire! its awesome.) and sims 2 castaway (way realistic, i suggest to not make a loner though, chimps suck for social. go with at least 2, help with gathering while youre asleep, and constuction of shelters.) then i got 1 xbox 360 game. i finally got my hands on saints row 2 (which is probably one of the MOST awesome games ive ever played) thats about it, im just waiting on a wireless internet adapter so i can go online with my psp, then get the xbox adapter for xbox live.

happy new year

-Crossed Swords Productions

what did i get for x-mas?

Posted by Crossed-Swords - August 15th, 2008

clock crew....hate it, started by a retard who made spam animations, their description say how the clock crew isn't like that...but most of them are, i give props to the few who aren't spammers but im not a fan of it, so there i don't like the clock crew in the slightest...don't like it? you can kiss my ass.

ps. other crews on NG i hate-just about all of them....too much spam ruined it i dont even go to the BBS