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Posted by Crossed-Swords - July 5th, 2008

heres a few things about newgrounds that just get to me

Spammers- these guys waste hours every day they could use to do something useful just to say something retarded over and over and over.....blows my mind what kind of idiots there are out there

Flash Spammers- fleek is a good example, they waste even more hours just to produce shit, and alot of them paid money for their flash program, this is beyond moron.

Game REmakers- ok i understand that youre version of tower defense or a fighting game might be cooler but what about the 5 million snake, pongs, pac man. that are all exactly the same, unless youre putting a new twist into it (freelance pong for example) make it for practice-yes but dont submit it. weve all played pong, youre version (which is usually worse than the atari one) unless tottally chenged, is just another pong.

vote by music- DONT VOTE BASED ON SOUNDTRACK!!!!!! unless they made the music themselves or had it made for their movie, dont. dont vote up but vote down if the music is too unfitting. if the music is by a popular band, then why should they get points for it? i mean it takes 2 seconds to add a song.

EDIT*-Reveiwers who dont know much- i see and get reveiws from people who havent even done flash, they are still entitled to their opinion as everyone else is of course, but they shouldnt be too harsh on anyhting until they try it themselves. and alot of them go overboard.a simple i didnt like it is just fine, maybe a suggestion on how things move, slow things down and tell them where they mispeslled, typoed and other stuff like that. but if youve never made a animation before and dont know how indreadibly hard thing it is to do, not to mention time consuming. and even if you read a bunch of tutorials and stuff here, its not as easy as they make it look. and rememberthe space is either meant for praise, suggestion, a few comments, or CONSTRUCTIVE critiscism.

Posted by Crossed-Swords - June 25th, 2008

in just two days ive been spammed 12 times its getting to be bullshit, there needs to be a quick and easy way to report users for spam so they can be banned, flash spam, profile spam, forum spam. all that shit. perhaps also making it a rule you can only have 1 account or else its ban also so they cant just keep returning. they can still veiw and all that but not have a profile cause this is bullshit

On a sid enote im starting on my madness day game, i get side tracked easily so i figured id start now. hopefully ill have it done by september haha