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G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero.

2009-08-19 23:49:42 by Crossed-Swords

Anyone who knows me knows 3 Basic things: 1. I am a furry, 2. I am a Gamer, 3. G.I. Joe is possibly one of my favorite things ever.

As a child I spent most of my time not playing video games surprisingly, but had a stunning collection of G.I. Joes, and a PlayStation library of 7 games (only 2 of which were any good) I watched the original cartoon, and tried collecting as many of the characters as possible.

My cousin (You know him as KrautKiller in my comics, we'll call him KK for short.) Also collected G.I. Joes, we would even trade them, that said I collected a large collection of Cobra (The bad guys) while he had alot of the G.I. Joe team. KK is like a brother too me and we spent alot of time together (and still do) and only until a few years ago (when I got a PS2 and he got a Xbox) Did we start playing games together.

Now all that is said, you know im a fan of G.I. Joe, im familiar and in love with the original work, I will now lay down the review on G.I. Joe, the rise of Cobra.

I enjoyed the movie, deeply. Theres not much to say, they captured the essence of G.I. Joe while giving a decent story to Cobra's Rise to power, one much more believable than cobra commander getting the loyalty of the small town of springfield and having them all become a terrorist outfit.

I think everyone expects it to be as cheesy and spot on to the originals, and not what it is, its the cartoon put into a real world context, and i was overjoyed to still see out of this world tech and vehicles that just seemed so cheesy and wacky that its just "yeah right". Break it down and you have what made G.I. Joe, in a more "adult enjoyable" way, where people do actually die, and G.I. Joe and Cobra are neck and neck, with ninjas fighting in the middle of the street and gunfire flying down the paris streets.

Overall, it was awesome, the only things I dislike was cobra commanders mask, and the baroness's backstory.

I cant wait for the new movie.


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2009-08-20 00:27:18


Crossed-Swords responds:

Uh huh, and what did you own me with? At least I banned you, you just made a spam that took me 1 click to deal with.


2009-08-20 04:56:58

i see this post in artist news. how come

Crossed-Swords responds:

I made flash movies, have art submissions.


2009-08-28 10:12:47

The Baroness's backstory made her seem like the ultimate heartless bitch... until you find out she's mind controlled. That kind of spoiled her character for me. Regardless I enjoyed the movie, it was quite well done in my opinion.

Also, its funny to think; people were upset that this movie would destroy the G.I. JOE roots... but G.I. Joe started out as 24" WWII figures. Kind of a man's answer to Barbie. It wasn't until later that they started coming out with the Joe team and Cobra and such. If the film had stayed on to its roots, we would have just have another WWII movie on our hands.

Crossed-Swords responds:

True, very true. and as for what theyf eared (the 1980 roots) it stayed very true and gave it a more realistic perspective, while still having out of this world technology and battles.

But Baroness was a character i was most displeased with, and I had some thoughts on cobra commander being such a sciencey type (he never was really, he would simply do things randomly with mindbenders experiments exclaiming "I love science!" and then something always goes wrong...) but he really took power and command towards the end (dragging Destro away like that) and became Cobra.