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The Newgrounds Art Portal

Posted by Crossed-Swords - August 30th, 2009

I think its time I put in my two-bits on this thing.

It is for lack of a better word, the worst art hosting service out there. Its pretty bad when DeviantArt (the greedy self indulged shit pile it is) is better.

its far too strict and closed too truly be a "art portal" I mean, take for instance the terms of "unscouting" what exactly do they qualify as bad artwork? stuff like mine? or stuff like a certain professional (he does this for a living folks) "heart" style, which is very, very simplistic and easy, but also very fun and cool, and can border stick figures, mind you this guy is a fucking talented artist.

This falls under newgrounds being a complete hipocritical website, starters: adult imagery. Porn is a no-no unless the mods find it funny, thats great, cock jokes all around(truly its no different because its a joke). and of course, why the standards? newgrounds is already a breeding ground for spam and absolute donkey shit, why is the art portal so preserved and "innocent"? Do you expect people from your site already conformed to oen standard, to conform to obey two completely different standards at once? (and on the hipocrit note, being such a homophobic group and making visually graphic cock jokes IS a DOUBLE STANDARD)

for the most part i use the art portal for blatant self promotion, but for what it is, its a decomposing turd on the sidewalk that some weirdo shoved his cock(joke) into.

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