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Happy Madness day + My tribute.

2009-09-22 22:50:08 by Crossed-Swords

Since i very rarely work with flash (CSC the movie is est. a few months-a year) and already make a comic, i decided to make a madness themed KKC (KrautKiller Chronicles) up on CSC (Crossed Swords Comics.)

I recently Merged both KKC and CSC to simply CSC (KKC issues will still be titled KKC and be strictly violence, guns, and KrautKiller) this will buff my archive (the first stuff is bleh, but theres a couple good ones in that thing) and make it easy for users and myself.

so hit up the comic at



Quote of the Day

"why do we pity the dead?
are you churned by emotion from voices in your head?
(are you scared of the logic that swirls within your head)
look at all the living and you'll ask yourself why
oh why do we
pity the dead?
pity the dead!

well, you've seen the disease, suffering and decay,
and you whisper to yourself blissfully "it's okay"
and you still refuse the possibility
that the dead are better off than we"

Pity the Dead -Bad Religion


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