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TF2 Updates WILL come to 360

2009-10-04 01:32:31 by Crossed-Swords

RevsClan Twitter Question: Cmon @ValveNews can we get some info if there will ever be an update for Team Fortress 2 on the 360???

ValveNews Official Twitter:

@RevsClan Don't worry, they havent forgotten about 360, they want to compile all the updates together, so what you pay will be worth it

As i have said to people before, they will update after all the pc updates are complete, so that everything is final and complete.


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2009-10-04 03:11:43

"so what you pay will be worth it"
Ergh, $$$ for DLC that is free to the computer... I read somewhere that they want to release this stuff free but Microsoft forces a price on it...

:D Lucky I got it on PC aswell...
I wish they would sell TF2 as an XBLA game though, like they did with portal, MANY more people would play it that way.

Crossed-Swords responds:

Microsoft does force a price, but Valve usually goes with a low price anyway.

that is true, very true, it should go to XBLA, but it is considered a more "full-featured" game than portal is, so it would simply be a DLC game.

I got the orange box for Xbox 360, because my pc sucks, i prefer xbox to pc, and it was easier.