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Fucking Xbox 360....

2009-10-23 01:32:32 by Crossed-Swords

Waiting 2 months after my warranty expires to break.

So yeah, my greatest sourc eof entertainment cant read discs, after scouring the internet for solutions, realizing all were temporary, and that since i had this problem weeks prior...i was screwed.

Tech support (Now outsourced from Korea!....or China....or Taiwan, im unsure, either way, i cant understand them, and i pity them.) was useless.

So ive got a new xbox (just the core unit, as i can hook up my old stuff to it) of course thats 200$ with a 19-day warranty (lol wut?) or repair...thats 99.99 but has a 1 year warranty of course it takes 2 weeks.

BUT WAIT! theres more.

In our current financial situation, i can afford, nothing! I might be able to get it repaired november or december.

now heres the real kick in the ass, for christmas i wanted only 2 games, assassins creed 2, and left 4 dead 2, but iw anted them pre-ordered tog et bonus content. now thats OUT THE WINDOOOOOOW at best i can pull off ac2 non-pre-order by christmas, with a repaired xbox. then instead of spending spring/summer struggling to get: star wars battlefront elite squadron (psp) assassins creed bloodlines(psp) dead rising 2(360) Army of two: the 40th day (360) i can add left 4 dead 2 to the list. YAY.

Fuck me.....

If you want to help (no, not with cash, i know nobody wants to help with that, even me, but i got to) swing by this topic on my forums: c/180 and help keep me sane. At least until i can get my ps2 back.


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