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2009-10-25 00:11:24 by Crossed-Swords


They let you upload anything to be reviewed and voted on publically. A great tool to help you learn flash animating, get some helpful feedback, and connect with artist, yes?


The users of newgrounds believe it to be like any other site, everything should be HIGH QUALITY, and if you dont "animate" you obviously aren't practicing actionscript and waiting to get the tools to do the art.

They say tools dont make the artist, or the bad mechanic blames his tools, well none of these people tried mouse art, not only is it a worthless skill, but its not pleasing to the eye, why not wait for a tablet?

What great artist made something with a mouse? Who are the greats? And dont all these guys have either tablets, or animate by paper?

Yes you can make quality with a mouse, but notice that all good mouse drawn series, are mediocre at best.

Do the NG Users (primarily made up of non-artists) see this?


And should everything be high quality?


Should ametuers be able to upload shitty work for the purpose of feedback, encouragement after all that grueling work to help with spirits?


Do the NG Users see this?


Know what I do when I see a shitty non-spam animation that wasnt made with sprites, and poorly put together with a shitty plot?

I give them 5 stars and comment with help, tips, and encouragement to keep working.

Do the NG users do this?


Know what I do when I see obvious spam?

Rate 0 and tell him to stop wasting his time and make something of himself.

Do the NG users do this?

No, the encourage spam.

Fuck you Newgrounds.

Dont get me started on the double standards, ignorance, and shitty excuse for a art portal.


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2009-10-25 00:43:52


Crossed-Swords responds:

I win


2009-10-26 02:34:21

I'll share this to my friends... as long as I don't get banned.

Crossed-Swords responds:



2009-10-26 02:34:46

No, I mean I bookmarked it.

Crossed-Swords responds:



2010-02-20 15:58:37

Mkay then. Glad to see no one stupid has posted yet. XD

Crossed-Swords responds:

not yet.