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hard to understand krinkels?

as a response to a comment a few ways down, ill show you how to understand the Krinkels, take batshit crazy, add awesomeness now mix in violence and guns.

good flash.


was okay, not too bad keep practicing.

but as for the guy below me, you shoudlnt rate based on front page worthiness, its not HIS fault, go take it to tom or wade, or some other admin.

not front page worthy, but im not down rating YOU because of it.

as for your rant about l4d1 having no dlc, they were going to make the l4d2 content the dlc, but the source engine in l4d1 couldnt handle it, and you dont know all the facts, they can still release updates for l4d1 while 2 is out, or make it so you can download the maps of the first onto the second. And its annoying that a company who has done so well for their fans, suddenly gets a bunch of rage for one thing, nobodies perfect, give them a break, its not like they put the dlc on pre-order and made you pay for it. Valve has never failed its players, dont become unfaithful a-holes to them.

StealthBeast responds:

Gotta thank you for that. I'd say.. 2/3 of my negative reviews rated me low either because I got front page, because I got #1 daily feature, or because I'm in the L4D2 boycott lol.

It's not that they made new DLC that was so awesome that the L4D1 source engine just couldn't handle it, it's that they specifically invented new technologies, damn well knowing they would never port it into L4D1. Also, I assure you, the engine used is not 100%, unavoidably, hard-coded, tatoo'd, and cemented in place. If some random guy who didn't know crap about game design, who named his game after himself, can upgrade his engine from the Hl2 engine, to the TF2 engine (Cough, garry'smod).. I think a highly experienced, medium-sized team of game developers with all the code and resources needed can do it to the game they know the insides and outs of...

I won't lose faith in Valve until I see the finished product.. But I can't think of anything L4D2 could do to impress me enough to justify itself.

Another great movie.

But i still miss Tord....

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great, very fun

pretty fun, and heres a little something for players: when youg et to the maul (big ass hammer) dont take it, the sustained attack from the chainsaw is far greater a advantage than the mauls reach

last boss tips: always stand at his mouth (I kept the energy gun that goes through enemies all the way to this point, i recomend you do the same) when he fires his lazer, walk backwards and jump (he should hit you even once) and return to the mouth, and when he burps minions, pull out the chainsaw and insta-kill all of them for ammo (dont bother with the guns in there, waste of time if you run out for the energy gun, wait for enemies while dodging lasers) and over time you will kill him, without taking much damage.

In one sitting?

You expect me to play all that in one sitting? Dont get me wrong, its hellishly fun, but I cant fathom doing it all in one sitting, it would simply get old real fast.

But overall i love the game, but since i have to start all over, i wont be replaying it.

BTW shoop da whoop shotgun is win.

I hope to see a sequal

The more features you add, the better, this definitely gave my ego the "Taking over ze world" feeling, good work. Perhaps some additions for more realism? more politics, perhaps increase the era and add nukes and such.

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i was thinking of playing duke nukem time to kill sometime soon sweet


i rarely visit the audio port and a-bot played this, almos tlike something for a brackenwood, or medieval game

MaestroRage responds:

The a-bot does like to surprise me often as well. Bless the lil bugger!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

cool song buuut

cool song but that dont sound like classic rock

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